Always ahead with the Digimarc barcode

Do you need an integrated Digimarc Barcode™ for your packaging? ABC Packmedia will advise you in detail on how to apply this new barcode and will support the implementation of this innovative technology for your packaging. Take advantage of this service and benefit immediately from the competitive advantage of an interactive packaging revolution.

Benefit from this innovative watermark

Do you sometimes wish to only focus your packaging design on product requirements, without compromises? Do you sometimes wish you had unlimited space on the packaging for important product information and great marketing actions? Then the Digimarc barcode development will delight you.

The innovative code developed by the US Digimarc Corporation offers all the qualities of a conventional barcode, but with many additional possibilities. Unlike the classic black-and-white barcode, the Digimarc barcode is an almost invisible digital watermark that can be placed anywhere on the packaging and is able to carry unlimited information. A special image scanner and a corresponding software are used to read out the information at the cash register. The customer, on the other hand, can easily read the packaging information using a smartphone app.


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Benefit from the advantages of the Digimarc Barcode

Everyone involved benefits from the new technology: cashiers because they no longer have to align products perfectly for scanner acquisition and thus save a lot of time. Customers, because waiting times at the cash registers are shortened for them through faster scanning. Companies, because the Digimarc barcode creates unimagined opportunities for packaging design, marketing measures and corporate communication. Of course, the Digimarc barcode also provides many advantages for modern logistics!

Have your packaging printed

With expert support, printing a Digimarc code is trouble-free. The code can thus be applied to the substrate using all common printing processes - from offset, laser or inkjet printing to gravure and flexo printing. There are virtually no limits to what you can print on: whether foils, cups or trays, paper or plastic - almost any printable material can be provided with a Digimarc barcode.

Your Digimarc barcode at ABC Packmedia

We will be happy to advise you in detail on all topics relating to your packaging with Digimarc barcode. Take advantage of our long-standing expertise and know-how in packaging design and printing. Let us take all necessary steps to realize your Digimarc barcode. Be at the forefront of technology and look forward to opportunities whose beginnings can already be imagined at and used for your own business success.

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