We stay with you!

We are facing the task to still serve you as a reliable partner, even though we are operating in an exceptional situation with wide-ranging limitations.
We don’t believe, that in a couple of days everything will be fine again.
So all of our adjustments are aiming at only one target – to work for you long-term with our products and services.
For example, our IN and ONSTUDIO have been working from home for quite a while already. The staff at our office buildings has been reduced to a necessary minimum.

For our printing form production such a step is not possible. Here we work in separate shifts and the demanded distances between our colleagues are being kept.
This is all done in order to be able to produce all the printing forms our customers need and to remain a reliable partner in the long-run.

We consider us well prepared and able to help you with your giant task to supply the population with all your goods. If you have any questions or special inquiries, where you need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will help you.

Please let us express at this point our worries for you and your families.
Stay save and sound – we think, this is the most important task for all of us right now!

Best regards
Your abc packmedia team

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