Your specialised contact partner when it comes to custom-fit plates and rotary forms for printing is our OUTSTUDIO, which comprises two production companies sharing one philosophy – being the innovation leader in their sector.
And the best about it: you will benefit.

LASERFLEX engraves a wide range of flexo printing forms, plates and endless sleeves based on elastomers or photopolymers. We manufacture unique plate on sleeve flexo printing forms by adjusting the glue line to the distribution of the one-ups. This makes us pioneers in the market.
Our entire manufacturing process is DFTA-certified.

NORDGRAVUREN produces embossing forms and printing cylinders for gravure printing. In addition to electromechanical engraving, we also offer laser-engraved copper printing forms, which are characterised by their high resolution and refined edge definition.

We are an innovation leader in the field of embossing. With our 3D technology we attain a tangible 3D impression of depth and texture.


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